To those who still ask about 'da Funk of Brotha'Hood.
From as far as Alabama, New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Virginia, NC, TN, Detroit, SC, etc...
And Funkface was rewarded with a record deal from Gaff Music 'Subsidiary of Sony' and an Endorsement deal from Burns Guitar.
'da Funk of Brotha'Hood shared stages with well known artist and more...
SAXx Payne
Brian Weaver
Turn around "BASS"
'da Funk of Brotha'Hood on stage as the crowd loaded 'daFunkin'ship
SAXx Payne
Mega Soul
On our way to NYC 'World Trade Center' Benefit
Ras from "Sublime"
Luke Skywalker 2 Live Crew
'P' with Funkface at Ice T show
UGH! Looks Sick
(4x) Fishbone, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Nappy Roots and The Average White Band.
Anyone with photos of 'da Funk of Brotha'Hood  please feel free to send them!
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'Bold as Love'